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The fee for the initial consultation is $250, and each subsequent session is $200.

Payments in full or insurance co-payments are due at the time of your appointment unless other arrangements have been established in advance.

I participate in a limited number of insurance plans.  Please call your insurance company prior to your first appointment to determine your coverage, including telehealth, in- and out-of-network coverage, deductible, co-payment fee, and prior authorization if applicable.  I will submit your claim to your insurance company, but you are responsible for full payment of your fees if your insurance company does not pay.



All information concerning my work with any client is held in strictest confidence.  In accordance with the federal privacy laws (HIPAA), with very few exceptions specified in the laws, I cannot share any information about a client with any other person unless the client has signed a written authorization form.  It is important to note that the privacy laws do include advising proper family and/or community resources if a client is a danger to him/herself or others. 

I have found that it is often extremely helpful to a client for me to have contact with his/her physician, and in the case of children, with school personnel.  I will not do this without the written permission of the client, and I will discuss the exact nature of the information to be released with the client before doing so.


If you are unable to keep an appointment, please advise me immediately.  I need a minimum of twenty-four hours’ notice in order to adjust my schedule and accommodate emergencies and others who may want that appointment time.

Your scheduled appointment is held only for you.  I do not “overbook” to cover possible missed appointments.

Emergencies are part of life. Except for emergencies such as illness, if you do not provide me with prior notice, I must request that you pay your appointment fee for my time if you do not keep your appointment.



Office hours are by appointment, Monday through Friday. 

Appointments are 45 minutes in length.

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